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We are providing you with buying guides and questions so we can narrow down your search in a very short period of time. After you found out which type of fan you’re looking for, we come up with great and easy to follow top 3 lists where we reviewed the best ceiling fans divided into the different brands, styles, finishes, sizes and room types, price ranges.

ceiling fan reviews

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Which brand is the best? This is a subjective question since there are a lot of good ones. It’s not about what’s the best brand, it’s about which models are the best from each brand. There are numerous of established brands and below you’ll find the ones that are the most popular.

Most Popular Brands

hunter ceiling fans Hunter ceiling fans are one of the products of the Hunter Company that was established in 1896. These ceiling fans range from models including a light fixture to models with interchangeable blades. The company is famous for its 90% pre-assembled ceiling fans, the most notable of which is the Stratford Five Minute fan, which, as its name implies, can be installed by any buyer in just 5 minutes. Housing and blade finishes differ as well to suit the discerning styles of its customers.

minka aire ceiling fans Minka Aire ceiling fans are created by the Minka group, which specializes in the “art of air management.” These ceiling fans come in 54 designs, such as Sundowner and Zen, to name a few. There are a wide variety of styles for every buyer to choose from. These styles transcend from contemporary to traditional. Products belonging to this genre from the company not only provide adequate lighting for every room, they give lovely embellishments to every room, big or small.

hampton bay ceiling fans Hampton bay ceiling fans are dependable fans as their fan motors have a lifetime warranty. Aside from durability, these ceiling fans can be installed quickly. They also have timers, thermostats, and remote controls. These products from the company are also famous for models that have several lighting kits. These kits can be changed in order to spruce up the design of your ceiling fan. Hampton Bay ceiling fans can be purchased at any Home depot store.

harbor breeze ceiling fans Harbor Breeze ceiling fans are products of the Lowe brand. This type of ceiling fan is one of the most trusted fans in the country. Users praise its reliability, as it is one of the sturdiest fans in the market. Harbor breeze ceiling fans prices range from $40-$100, which is very affordable. A cheap yet dependable model is the Lakeside ceiling fan, which features a 3-speed motor. At the pricier end is the Bellhaven model.

casablanca ceiling fans Casablanca ceiling fans are made by the Casablanca Fan Company. This label takes pride in its 5-step process, which begins with Concept Development, Engineering, Raw Materials, Testing and Inspection, and ends with Retail Showroom and Customer Support. These fans are known for its XLP and XLP plus motors, which are powerful motors that are energy efficient. Models, which bear these powerful motors, include Academy and Continental. Casablanca Ceiling Fans also has an Adapt Touch remote control for easy access even from afar.

emerson ceiling fans Emerson ceiling fans are all about “moving the air in style.” This label has been producing ceiling fans for over a century now, and the name has been synonymous to quality and durable ceiling fans. Models suit those with varying tastes – from Classic and Traditional to Contemporary and Transitional. Models such as the St. Croix and Monaco are just some of the types, which are very energy efficient. Emerson ceiling fans consumption per hour is just as cheap as 10 cents/hour.

Most Popular Pages

ceiling fan direction

There are two ceiling fan directions: forward and reverse. A forward ceiling fan direction is ideal during summer, so the fan can direct air towards you. During winter, put the ceiling fan direction to reverse, so it will blow air up, and away from you. For places with high ceilings, the ceiling fan direction should be the opposite of what was stated above because cool air is felt near the floor, while hot air is near the ceiling.

energy star ceiling fans

Energy star ceiling fans are energy efficient. Having an energy star means a ceiling fan met the guidelines instituted by the US Environmental protection agency (EPA). A user can save as much as 50% in electrical costs, or as much as $15 per year. Ceiling fans with a 2-year light kit warranty, 1-year components warranty, and a 30-year motor warranty can earn an Energy star badge, after meeting the airflow efficiency rate set by EPA.

outdoor ceiling fans

Outdoor ceiling fans, as the name implies, are situated outside the house. Outdoor ceiling fans are usually found in porches or gardens. Outdoor ceiling fans are classified into three – wet rated, damp rated, and rust resistant. Wet rated outdoor ceiling fans can be placed in uncovered areas while damp rated outdoor ceiling fans should be kept in covered areas. A rust resistant outdoor ceiling fan is perfect for areas rich with salty air, such as the beach.

how to install a ceiling fan

Here are the steps on how to install a ceiling fan. First, you need to remove the old ceiling fan. Next, you need to make a bigger hole as needed for the ceiling fan. Afterwards, you need to place a new electrical box, and stick the ceiling fan medallion. After the ceiling plate is placed, you can put together the components of the ceiling fan. Link the wire connections and fasten the lights and the blades of the ceiling fan.

ceiling fan parts

The main Ceiling fan parts are as follows: an electric motor, which is responsible for the life of the ceiling fan; paddles or blades (can range from 1-6), made from plastic or wood, which create the air coming from the fan; and blade irons or metal arms, which attach the motor to the paddles. A rotor is used in replacement of blade irons. Ceiling fans are mounted with either a J-hook or a ball and socket.

Ceiling fan repairs

Ceiling fan Repairs depend on the problem of the ceiling fan itself. Problems range from a dead fan to an unstable ceiling fan. When it won’t turn on, make use of voltage testers or replace the switch. If you have a ceiling fan that wobbles, then what you need to do is to tighten the screws of the support bracket. For a humming ceiling fan, the repair includes straightening the wires found in the electrical box.